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Academy Youth Development Programs 

Youth Category - Boys & Girls:

  • U6/U7


  • U8/U9


  • U10/U11


  • U12/U13


  • U14/U15


Technical Sessions 

(turning, dribbling, shielding, shooting, passing and receiving, running with the ball, small-sided games)


(Learn how to play from the back)

  • Position Specific

  • Learn how to play on the middle third and attacking third

  • Defensive Block

  • Attacking Methods

  • Learn how to play in a different system

Mental Preparation and Goal Setting 

  • Commitment

  • Self Control

  • Determination

  • Self Confidence


  • Endurance, strength and speed

  • Soccer specific conditioning

  • Speed and endurance

  • Individualized fitness plan


  • Peer influence and acceptance

  • Decision making

  • Empathy and patience

  • Winning


For Registration:

Contact us by phone or mail located under "Contacts"

Include Parent's full name, phone number, child's full name and age.

More information by email or phone number


               March Break Camp

   from 11 March 2024 to 15 March 2024 











We provide insurance and all COVID-19 safety equipment.

Come out, have some fun and learn from the best!


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